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Certificate in Implant Dentistry

Duration: min 9 months (9-12 months)
Language of instruction: English
Practice: Hands-on
CPD: 60 awarded with completed case logbook submission and successful academic assigment evaluation (treatment plan presentation)
Support: academic and clinical.
Clinical training and mentoring: Optional. Includes 5 clinical cases and dental implants and surgical set to be provided by the program’s sponsor.
Price: £10000 -25%=£7500

Essential for registration is the Offer Letter after an interview. Registrations are completed on the last working day of the previous month.

The Postgraduate Certificate in Implant Dentistry is a recognized degree aimed at dentists who wish to understand or intend to introduce dental implants as a treatment in their dental practices and who would like to receive certified training with continuing education segments.

The teaching follows the training standards of the British General Dental Council and Higher Education England, which require implant dentists to be trained in diagnosis and treatment planning.

The program combines theory with clinical involvement and consists of modules based on specific topics that support the safe practice of Implantology.

Completing the program allows you to continue with the Diploma in Implant Dentistry  and MSc in Computer Guided Implant Dentistry

Treatment Planning Protocols

  • Basic to Advanced Principles of Implant Treatment Planning,
  • Templates for Treatment and Risk Assessment,
  • Immediate Placement Decision Making,
  • 3D CBCT Digital and Photographic  Treatment Planning and Work flow.
  • Legal aspects of Implant Treatment and Informed Consent.
  • Prosthetics Level 1.

Single Implant Placement and the Aesthetic Zone

  • Surgical Implant Placement in the simple cases
  • Management of Complications Level 1 including Peri-implantitis,
  • Risk Analysis of Treatment in the Aesthetic Zone.

Multiple Implant Placements and Occlusion 

  • Multi Space Quadrant Prosthetics,
  • Occlusal Considerations,
  • Planning from the top down and building from the bottom up, Materials, Record Taking,
  • Communication to the Laboratory,
  • Management of Complications.

Restoration of the Single Implant 

  • Single Anterior and Posterior Implant Restoration,
  • Digital and Non Digital Work flow,
  • Occlusal Considerations,
  • Management of Complications

Restoration of Multiple Implants

  • Quadrant and Multiple Implant Restorations,
  • Full Mouth Rehabilitation including
  • All on 4  Prosthetics and protocols for immediate loading,
  • Occlusal Protocols and Management of Full Mouth Complications

Bone Grafting

  • Bone grafting Theory and Indications from Socket Preservation
  • GBR to Ridge Augmentation,
  • Tenting Pins,
  • Tacking,
  • Sutures,
  • Membranes.