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Personal training, Mentoring and Implant Internship


Personal Clinical Training in Greece (Athens or any other city)

An academic coach will be provided to supervise and support your progress by placing up to 5 dental implants. It does take place in Greece.The dental implants will be out of charge; the program sponsor will provide them.

1500 € for Certificate in Implant Dentistry students

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Clinical Implant Internship in the U.A.E.

Monitored and supervised placement of approximately 10 dental implants per day. It takes place in Dubai at RAKCODS – R.A.K. College of Dental Sciences U.A.E. The dental implants are provided.

1  day – 3000 £
2 days – 5000 £

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Personal Mentoring

Student support and guidance are provided during the programmes. Yet, after completing the program, you can receive personalized support and guidance to establish diagnosis, planning and execution of the cases and additional clinical training through the school for up to 5 years.